Risk Management / Legal Investigation
Stride into Unfamiliar Territory with Confidence
In order to carry out sustainable corporate activities, it is also necessary to cultivate new businesses that have never been done in the past. On the other hand, the environment surrounding us, centering on information technology, is changing and becoming increasingly complex on a daily basis. The interpretation and application of laws and regulations are also fluid. Under such circumstances, even entering new business domains in existing businesses may pose certain challenges. We must investigate whether or not such businesses are in violation of laws and regulations and, in some cases, change their structure. We conduct prompt legal investigations in response to the ever-evolving business environment, explain legal risks in our clients, and provide advice on risk mitigation.
Independent Investigations
In cases where a potential violation is reported within a company, it is necessary to minimize reputational risk and ensure the survival of the business by promptly organizing an internal investigation committee and a third-party committee, investigating the facts, clarifying the causes, and formulating and announcing measures to prevent recurrence. We organize such investigative committees, investigate the facts base on our legal knowledge, and formulate measures to prevent recurrence.