Data Security and Privacy
Organizations collect and use unprecedented amounts of information about their users, players, and employees. As technology has continued to evolve, its impact on all facets of the sports and entertainment industry has created new and complex privacy concerns for our clients.

We advise organizations on the extent of their rights to collect and retain player, artist, fan, and employee data. Our lawyers provide guidance to technology companies in the sports and entertainment industry on the legality of their processing, use, and sale of personal data. We educate players associations on the collection and commercialization of player data and other data issues in their negotiations with leagues.

We work with clients to craft effective policies related to the use of evolving technologies for tracking and monitoring players and fans. In the dynamic international environment, we understand the rules pertaining to the use and transfer of player, fan, and employee information between countries, and we can help you comply with Japanese, Chinese, U.S., and European laws and directives.