Sport Accidents
 Participation in sports in a safe environment is a basic right for sports professionals, and the safety of sports is an important factor in maintaining the integrity of sports. Internationally, efforts are being made to enable athletes (especially minors) to play sports under safer rules and environments. In addition, it is a well-established international principle that sports-related businesses themselves must be conducted in a safe environment (working environment).

 Unfortunately, many sports accidents, such as earthquakes, swimming accidents, heat strokes, and gymnastics accidents, are commonplace. Workers' accidents at construction sites have also occurred in preparation for international games.

 In response to this situation in Japan and overseas, we help sports organizations and sports leagues manage sports from a safety perspective. We help craft prevention and contingency measures for disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and pandemics. We also provide clients with guidance on requests for consideration of overcrowded schedules, and proposals for the introduction of insurance systems. In cooperation with international organizations, we also advocate for the management of international competitions in a safe environment.

 For our clients who operate sports clubs, we identify legal risks and provide contractual advice from the viewpoint of safety. We also negotiate with the media to protect the privacy of those involved.