Reputation Management
We advise corporate and individual clients in the sports and entertainment industries on maintaining, improving, and restoring their brand image and reputation. This includes advice on crisis management and public relations.
Importance of Risk Management and Reputation Management
In a day and age where every move of a company or celebrity is closely scrutinized and quickly shared on traditional media and social media, companies must conduct business activities with a high degree of transparency and consideration for diverse values. This is especially important for companies in the sports and entertainment industry given their public nature. Compliance with laws and regulations, guidelines, and other rules, as well as appropriate responses through prompt investigations and the active disclosure of information to the public through press releases and other means in the event of a scandal are essential to the survival of a corporation.
Effective crisis management in conjunction with public relations
We guide clients through various problems in corporate activities and actual scandals involving employees and affiliated athletes or talents. Importantly we help clients examine the situation from third-party perspectives, such as how the general public perceives an issue based on industry trends.

Once a scandal has occurred, when to take action and how to communicate with business partners and the media will be extremely important. In cooperation with advisors specializing in crisis management, we provide advice that helps to restore public confidence through measures to prevent recurrence by enabling lawyers to work closely with top management to minimize damage to reputation caused by scandals.
Recovering from Worst-Case Scenario: Criminal Defense
No matter how thoroughly compliance is practiced in corporate activities, scandals may still occur and sometimes scandals become criminal cases. In the event that a scandal becomes a criminal case, we will respond swiftly to the criminal case while providing advice on effective crisis management measures linked to public relations.