Video Gaming
Risk Identification and Value Maximization
Video games are an art form that combines various materials, such as graphics, music, scenarios, and programs, so rights violation in video games can sometimes be difficult to detect. A myriad of laws come into play in the development and operation of video games, such as, privacy and data protection laws, payment services laws, commercial transactions laws, and advertisement laws. In addition, users must also comply with the user agreements established by various platforms. Risks are often hidden in an unexpected place. Having responded to many requests from various players involved in the gaming industry, we have the experience and industry knowledge to help our clients discover risks and maximize the value of projects. We are also familiar with crisis response and litigation related to video gaming.
Supporting Diverse Needs
The development of games involves a large number of personnel and may require the cooperation of external production companies. Due to the rise of e-sports, opportunities for various collaborations with stakeholders in other industries that are unfamiliar with the gaming industry are expected to increase in the future. Thus, the need for accurate documentation to prevent misunderstandings is growing. We support the creation of relevant legal documents to meet our clients’ diversifying needs.
Term of Services
It is essential for online game publishers to establish a good set of rules and privacy policies for its users, especially when operations continue even after the initial releases. It is necessary to consider the future risks from the initial stage of development. We support the preparation of terms and policies in order to fully address our clients’ diverse needs and risks.