We provide legal and business advisory and consultation services to a wide range of players involved in the film industry, including motion picture production companies, distribution agencies, broadcasters, video / online distributors, advertising agencies, film producers, movie directors, screenwriters, movie costume designers, theater composers, actors and voice actors, publishers and internal and external sales agents.
Planning & Development
Good movies start with superior planning and development.

In the case of a project based on novels, comics, or games, a contract will be concluded to obtain a license from a publisher (author) to convert the existing materials into a movie. When two or more business operators plan and develop the project jointly, the parties must agree on their respective rights and obligations. It is also important to clarify the terms and conditions of the contract between the producer, the screen writer, and the director.

We provide advice and support based on a wealth of practices with respect to original work contracts, original work option contracts, joint planning and development contracts, producer contracts, screen writer contracts and director contracts.
Fund Procurement
The financing for the production and distribution of films the skills of film producers.

In Japanese films, the "production committee" is a popular way to raise funds. In addition, financial institutions that form SPCs (special purpose companies) such as LLPs (limited liability partnerships) and LLCs (limited liability companies) are also available to raising funds through loans and securitization.
In addition, much attention has been paid to fund-raising methods such as "joint movie" initiatives, which combine the funds provided by foreign businesses, pre-sale of overseas sales rights, pre-sale of distribution rights for online distributors, sponsorship and tie-ups, and crowdfunding.

We provide practical advice and support on how to procure funds in accordance with the scale and individuality of the project.
Development of Diverse Business
In addition to typical movie usages such as videograms, television broadcasts, online distribution, and overseas sales, it is advisable to avoid unforeseen legal difficulties in the commercialization of films, novelization, comic-lization, soundtracks, TV series remakes, and theatricalization.

We provide advice and support on contracts and negotiations that reflect the commercial practices and contracting practices of various peripheral businesses derived from films. We also have extensive experience in investigating and filing trademarks.