Dispute Resolution
Best Solution for Your Dispute
Depending on the type of your dispute and your relationship with other parties involved, litigation may not necessarily be the most effective way to solve the dispute. We take into account each client’s specific business needs and circumstances and work with them to identify the most effective and cost-efficient method of dispute resolution, which may include alternative dispute resolution including negotiated settlements, mediation, and arbitration.
Our Expertise in Dispute Resolution
In the case of disputes related to intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, disputes related to entertainment contracts, such as management contracts and record contracts, and disputes related to sports, such as sporting accidents and disputes with sports organizations, industry knowledge is as important as the knowledge of law in solving those disputes. These conflicts sometimes go beyond the framework of conflict between the parties and have a social impact. Utilizing our knowledge and decades of experience in resolving disputes in the fields of intellectual property, entertainment, and sports, we aim for solutions that are beneficial to our clients and the society through the development of detailed strategies and the effective execution of those strategies.