PR / Advertisement
Legal Review of New Structures
In the area of public relations and advertising, new methods are being created on a daily basis, and the pace of technological progress is accelerating. However, it sometimes causes legal problems such as unreasonable premiums or misleading advertisement and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and violations of these laws can lead not only to legal penalties but also to the loss of public confidence.

We help our clients identify and avoid such legal risks.
Preparing and Reviewing Contracts to Prevent Problems
There are many hidden risks in advertising contracts. Rights need to be clearly defined, and contingencies need to be clearly addressed.

Our extensive experience working in promotion and advertising deals enable us to zoom in on critical issues and provide timely and practical advice.
Advice on Sponsorship Contracts
Sponsorship contracts often involve athletes and artists. Consideration of industry rules and practices is critical. Based on our extensive knowledge of both the entertainment and sports industries, we provide accurate advice on projects with high levels of expertise.