Labor & Employment
Contract Negotiations
 When athletes and coaches conclude contracts with clubs, it is necessary to promptly identify and revise contractual provisions that may be disadvantageous to the athlete or coach, such as unilateral termination by the club and unfavorable jurisdiction clauses. In addition to legal perspectives, we will identify risks of deals and advise on practical amendments and contract negotiations based on our experience in addressing industry practices and conflict cases.
Dispute Resolution
 Occasionally, clubs fail to pay their players and coaches, or they unilaterally terminate the players’ or coaches’ contracts. We provide advice on how to deal with such issues based on the latest revisions to industry regulations and precedents from decision-making organizations inside and outside the industry. In the unlikely event of unpaid salaries or unfair termination of contracts, we may file claims for restoration of the position of athletes, supervisors and coaches, unpaid salaries, and claims for damages in the dispute resolution organizations (FIFA DRC・FIFA PSC, CAS) and domestic courts.