Lobbying / Policy Making / Collective Bargaining
Future-Oriented Policymaking
Industry organizations such as sports governing bodies, athletes' unions, and trade associations in the music, video, and other entertainment businesses often need to conduct collective bargaining and other similar activities to establish institutional frameworks. Such activities may include lobbying, international negotiations, enacting new regulations, and amending existing rules.

In order to conduct such activities, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of specific industry practices, institutional history, stakeholder power balance, political, social and economic influences, and future changes in the structure of the industry. International experience and global networks are also essential. In considering specific actions, it is essential to have a strategic and comprehensive perspective based on a variety of skills, such as business acumen, industry relations, legal knowledge, analytical skills, and negotiating skills.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. In addition to lectures, books, and training activities, we continue to engage in activities aimed at further improvement of the system within the industry through specific legislation, lobbying for amendments, and participation in various international organizations.

The trust and international networks we have gained through these ongoing activities are leveraged in the form of quick and accurate responses to specific issues and future-oriented insights for the creation of new frameworks.