We have provided not only legal services but also business advice and consulting services to many players involved in the music business, including producers and artists.
Experience-Based Practical Legal Services
We frequently draft and review of various contracts related to the music business, such as management / agent contracts and record contracts.

We provide guidance not only from a legal perspective, but also take into account the practice of the music industry and, based on these experiences, advise our clients on the extent to which the demands are realistic and reasonable.
PR-Conscious Flexible Response
In addition to preparing these contracts, we also assist our clients with their risk management in relation to media inquiries and tackle illegal use of artist images in various media, along with prosecution and defense of defamation, and copyright infringement.
Multifaceted Advice from the Perspective of a Diverse Range of Players
We offer advice based on industry practices to a variety of players involved in the music business, including merchandising, recording, live entertainment production, and copyright management.